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  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Valid Driver's License? Yes
  • Out of Town Work Yes- Camp
  • Experience 3+ Years
  • Tickets Yes
  • Valid Tickets First Aid (Standard /w CPR)Gas Detection and Flammable SubstanceConfined Space
  • Firefighting Certifications NFPA 1081 Level 1/2
  • Medical Certifications ACP Registered EMR (Emergency Medical Responder)
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About me

  • A success-driven, proactive, and results-oriented Fire Officer/Crew Chief (Fire Captain) with a glorious career spanning preventing injury, loss of life as well as damage to property in the community arising from fire hazards
  • Adapt to save people, the environment, and property from all types of accidents and emergencies
  • Proficient in responding immediately and safely to emergency calls and requests for assistance
  • Proficient in taking control of major dangerous incidents like fire outbreaks or hazardous chemical leaks
  • Well versed in rescuing trapped people; minimizing distress and giving them first aid before ambulance crews arrive
  • Proficient in supervising firefighters and fire lieutenants, maintaining the fire department’s equipment and gear; operating; testing and maintaining pumps and hydrants
  • Possesses expertise in cleaning up and checking the site after dealing with an incident
  • Possesses good communication skills in dealing with people and managers from other emergency services like the police or ambulance service
  • Exemplifies unsurpassed personal commitment to continual improvement as well as the highest level of professional standards
  • Possesses flexibility and adaptability to manage manifold tasks and consistently achieves performance goals through diligence, tenacity, and initiative


  • 2015 - 2016


    • Fire Officer 1 (IFSAC) • Fire Instructor 1 (IFSAC) • Rope Rescue Technician (IFSAC) • Hazmat Technician (IFSAC) • Trench Rescue Technician (IFSAC) • Confined Space Rescue Technician IFSAC) • Driver Operator (IFSAC

  • 2000 - 2000


    • Basic Life Support Level 5 • Introduction to Fire Safety • Hazardous Materials Awareness (IFSAC) • Hazardous Materials Operational (IFSAC) • Fire Fighter 1 (IFSAC) • Fire Fighter 2 (IFSAC) • Basic Computer Literacy Skills

  • 2014 - 2014


    • OSHA 30 Construction Safety & Health - 192955 • IOSH Managing Safety • NEBOSH Occupational Health & Safety


  • 2002 - 2009


    •Drove apparatus (rescue vehicle) to and from and positioned apparatus at the emergency scene
    •Obtained knowledge of most direct and expeditious routes and studied them prior to incident scenes
    •Ensured opened and flushes hydrants are functional, filled hose with water by hydrant pressure and connected and laid a supply line from supply to the apparatus
    •Extricated victims from vehicles, collapsed buildings or other entrapments in saving lives
    •Administered basic life support to injured or afflicted persons, stabilized patients for transport as a team member of an Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services Unit
    •Performed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), administered spinal and cervical immobilization; verified vital signs and evaluated the patient status
    •Performed thorough patient evaluation and intervened with the appropriate medical care for a person requiring medical care
    •Engaged in activities which have an impact on the department’s image in the community
    •Dealt with distressed individuals at an emergency scene, met civilians in the fire station, conducted tours and provided information
    •Participated in training drills and classes to enhance job-related skills and abilities
    •Evaluated incidents based on alarm information received. Proceeded to assigned apparatus upon receipt of a call for service
    •Oversaw receive incoming alarms and information, answered phones and monitored access to the station house
    •Notified station personnel of incoming alarms and required response, answered department and outside phone calls
    •Oversaw open, cuts or breaks down doors, or otherwise entered structures, vehicles and other entrapments to search for and rescue victims
    •Provided access to the emergency scene using axes, halligan tools, rabbit tools, battering rams, sledgehammers, power saws and other tools
    •Checked, cleaned and maintained personal gear and equipment to ensure proper and safe operations.

  • 2009 - 2012


    • Operates as a member of a crew to fight fire or assist in a rescue mission involving the use of firefighting equipment.
    • Train and drill regularly on fire prevention and firefighting equipment, maintenance and general rescue techniques.
    • Undertake daily maintenance and testing work on firefighting safety and emergency equipment.
    • Participate in standbys and observing all activities carried out by company or contractors.
    • Recharge and maintain good conditions of portable foam and chemical fire extinguishers.
    • Report and record any case of incorrect work practice to the Station Manager.
    • Take actions as required by SOP.
    • Drives and operates firefighting apparatus.
    • Complete pre-printed forms when carrying maintenance work indicating work carried out and observations made.
    • Conduct training on SCBA sets for visitors or new employees and refresher courses for Company personnel.
    • Conduct basic firefighting course/training for Company Employees and recruits
    • Manages and plans required firefighting training activities.
    • Maintain physical fitness standard as required by Fire Department policy.
    • Carry out the PA System and Fire alarm tests.
    • Carry out Fire Protection tests and inspection (deluge, water spray, foam, CO2, Inergen and halon).
    • Performs gas monitoring during hot work and carry out the duties of fire watch as required.

  • 2012 - 2016


    • Lead all aspects of structural firefighting operation.
    • Responsible for fire station maintenance, firefighting equipment, and fire department property.
    • Maintain a high level of cooperation between subordinates and supervisors.
    • Responsible for responding to all fire, rescue and drowning, chemical incidents and life-threatening emergency alarm.
    • Perform Incident Command and Safety Officer duties to assist Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief of the scene.
    • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining skills/knowledge and the physical requirement to current standards.
    • Responsible for all suppression duties necessary to save life and property, extinguish and/or prevent fires from spreading and causing more damage.
    • Participate in departmental training programs to be proficient, knowledgeable and up to date with respect to equipment and procedures for firefighting, medical and other emergencies.
    • Supervises the return of equipment to normal standby readiness after every use.
    • Train firefighters in all aspects of structural firefighting operations.
    • Prepare reports concerning the fire service, vehicle inventory, evacuation drills report and defaults report.
    • Perform a variety of rescue related duties to protect the public/community, confine space entrapment, water/chemical hazards.
    • Participate in fire inspections and evacuation drills and public education.
    • Supervises and participates in fire prevention, life safety inspections and school visits.
    • Demonstrate initiative and problem-solving skills.
    • Carry out inspection, testing and maintenance of all fixed or portable extinguishing or detection system, fire apparatus, water distribution systems and life system equipment, and extinguish incipient CLASS A, CLASS B, CLASS C, CLASS D and CLASS K fire.
    • Participate in all Company HSE programs, occupational health, and safety requirement and ensuring compliance with HSE regulations.

  • 2016 - 2016


    • Supervising fire-fighters and day to day tasks at the fire station
    • Providing training on safety
    • Leading shift personnel during daily activity including station maintenance, training, responding to emergencies as an officer in charge and directing firefighting, rescue, and hazardous material
    • Supervising, assigning and evaluating the activities and responsibilities of the assigned unit
    • Responding to fire alarms in the university and the city; leading the suppression and extinguishing fires; stabilizing patients; leading emergency medical activities and hazardous materials control
    • Operating and inspecting fire department’s vehicles, equipment, and gears
    • Operating; testing and maintaining pumps and hydrants; ensuring all proper inspections and maintenance follow standard codes and regulations
    • Rescuing victims from vehicles, drowning, accidents, fire and other harmful conditions
    • Communicating with dispatch, emergency room physicians and staff, police, fire officers and related personnel for the accurate and efficient disseminating of information
    • Supervising rescue operations after the emergency is controlled and/or suppressed
    • Supervising and performing custodial and technical duties at the station, e.g. cleaning and maintaining fire station facilities and equipment and inspecting fire equipment for necessary repairs
    • Attending education programs in firefighting and first aid
    • Operating engine companies and preparing incident reports

  • 2017 - 2019

    Emergency Response Lead-Fireman

    • Report directly to the station Fire Chief.
    • Act as the Senior Fire Officer and focal point for Fire & Rescue in the absence of the Station Fire Chief
    • Responsible for fire station operations, after hours and on weekends as a shift Leader
    • Responsible for crew members in the station as well as on the emergency ground
    • Allocate duties and responsibilities to subordinates.
    • Coordinate training and submit and keep a record of training reports.
    • Encourage my subordinates to be mentally and physically prepared for emergencies.
    • Respond as a first response officer on scene and establish command & investigate
    • Display effective teamwork in Emergencies and lead the fire crew.
    • Communicate clearly on the Radio to the Fire crew and plant personnel.
    • Comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures
    • Compile daily logs, training reports, incidents report and timesheets
    • work closely with the HSSE department during incidents and normal daily activities
    • Assist the commissioning team to commission the fire protection systems
    • Responsible for inspection of plant fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hose reels and fire monitors.
    • Coordinates ongoing training program by giving lectures & practical training as well as HSE Training
    • Witness the installation and testing of fire alarm and fire and gas system.
    • Conduct familiarization plans on-site of neighbouring fire services
    • Conduct installation of the windsock at the allocated areas onsite
    • Coordinate confined Space Rescue standbys in a different unit in the process area
    • Perform daily checks of, permit to Work and prepare necessary PPE when required
    • Capable of driving & operating the Fire Trucks and performing the duties of a Pump Driver Operator
    • Conduct a monthly inspection of the Fire Protection System installed on the premises
    • Partake in the reviewing of documents, procedures, and guidelines for Emergency Response
    • Ensuring that all the equipment in the station is in a good working order and also functioning properly
    • Coordinate with the maintenance team for fire equipment service and maintenance
    • Assist the safety department with safety inspections and observations in the process and non-process area

  • 2020 - Present

    Emergency Response Fire Officer

    • Responds to Fire and Rescue Incidents, Hydrocarbon and Toxic Gas Release, Rescue and Fire Loss Control related situations within Field or Terminal facility.
    • Supervises Firefighters and Auxiliary Fire Team members as appropriate and assumes the responsibility of ‘Fire Incident Commander’ until relieved by Chief Officer (Fire and Rescue)
    • Perform the administrative duties in supporting the communication and organizing work activities for the Fire and Rescue Team in the Asset or Terminal.
    • Support the Chief Officer in all aspects of Fire and Rescue Team Emergency planning, operations and dealing with emergencies.
    • Leads Fire Crew attending emergencies involving fire, rescue, oil and gas releases/spills and medical emergencies.
    • Ensure that Asset/TPO Pre-Fire plans are reviewed on an Annual Basis and after each emergency or exercise when an FRP credible scenario is tested.
    • Plans designs and conducts training events for Firefighters and Auxiliary Firefighters in accordance with the Firefighter Weekly schedule and Firefighter Annual Training plan.
    • Maintain the competence of the Firefighters within the Fire and Rescue Team by training, coaching, mentoring, and remedial training when required.
    • Lead and direct routine inspection and testing of fixed, semi-fixed, portable and mobile fire systems in accordance with current HSE program.
    • Implement and promote the company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures, regulations, objectives and ensures, by appropriate monitoring and review, that work is performed in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
    • Ensure incidents are reported and communicated as per the incident reporting and investigation timeline and actions are effectively closeouts as per company procedures.
    • Assist any investigation team as requested by the Team and Lead Fire Incidents investigation.





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