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We not only care about the people that work for us, but we also care about the people we work for.


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  • Safety Supervisor
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These are just some of our perks and benefits our employees enjoy as members of the Superior Fire Control team!
  • Benefits

    Industry leading health and dental benefits. Applicable after 30 *work* days for most employees.

  • ACP Membership Fees

    We pay these fees, if applicable, the Alberta College of Paramedics, after 30 *work* days for most of our employees.

  • Accommodations

    We have a wonderful staff house in Grande Prairie, and provide accomodations both in town and out of town (hotel and/or camp).

  • Full Shifts

    We also offer 12 hour work shifts, full day rates and no short shifted days. Work a full day and get paid for a full day.

  • Travel & Overtime

    We offer paid travel time, and paid overtime, everytime. We ensure our employees are compensated for their time, regardless if they are travelling, training or working above and beyond a normal work day.

  • Other Perks

    We also offer in-field training, mental health benefits and physical activity incentives. Superior strives to ensure our employees are taken care, mentally and physically.

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